1975 and Older 440 Fan Cooled
Sleds racing in this class must be 1975 model year and older to compete. The engine must be the original engine for make / model / year and it must be fan cooled and 440cc or less.
  1. 1975 and older models may compete
  2. 440cc and under twin cylinder engine displacement may compete.
  3. Studs allowed
  4. Carbides allowed
  5. No jackshaft models
  6. Any brand replacement track allowed. ¾ lug max
  7. Rear suspensions may be interchanged up to 1978
  8. Stock Secondary clutch.
  9. Stock drive clutch or Power Block / Comet 94c Duster
  10. Spreader allowed, up to 3 inches max increase.
  11. Steel skis only
  12. No adjustable handlebars.
  13. Stock appearing seat.
  14. Diaphragm or Float type carbs allowed / no flatslides,
  15. Stock exhaust system only.
  16. Stock ignition system.
  17. No Rotary or Reed engines