2024 Derby Tech Inspection Format
Tech inspections shall be performed in the following manner.
  Inspections shall be performed in a private area, preferably an enclosed trailer. It is the drivers responsibility to make sure his sled is available and in the correct Inspection area when requested by race officials. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.
 Two event Officials shall be present if possible, a Tech inspector and one observer. Driver may be present. No additional crew or accompanying persons are to be present during the inspection process. The exception will be in youth classes where a parent should accompany the driver if possible, in the inspection trailer.
Conclusions are private and findings should not be discussed outside of the officials and the driver / owner. Disciplinary actions based on the findings of the tech inspection are at the discretion of the race director. All decisions are final unless delayed by the Race Director in order to gather more information or to consult at his / her discretion with other officials.
Any argument or disrespectful conversations toward race officials during or after the tech inspection process will be grounds for disqualification.
 Findings may include, No action, Warnings or Disqualifications at the discretion of the race director.
The IFS and 85 and older fan/air cooled 440 classes will also have a tech inspection to make sure sleds comply with Derby rules. The following will be inspected in these two classes above and beyond the normal compliance requirements (all class rules still apply).
1. Bore and stroke will be checked and must comply with stock requirements.
2. Class compliant engine. Engines must meet the class requirements.
3. Stock skis for model
4. complete stock (unmodified) exhaust system for model.
5. Stock number of carbs for the model.
Our Race Director will have final say on compliance. If you are disqualified your entry fee will not be refunded.