1973 and Older HD Super Stock
1973 and older sleds may compete, no reed or rotary valve engines allowed. This class is for HR port engines.
  1. 1973 and older chassis
  2. 1973 and older single cylinder engine only. Brand must match chassis.
  3. Over bore allowed
  4. Any type stock muffler, no expansion chambers or tuned exhaust allowed.
  5. No Reed or Rotary valves allowed
  6. Point Ignition only, no CDI allowed
  7. Float type carbs allowed / no flat slides
  8. HR port sleds may enter this class
  9. Studs allowed, max 3/8 above track lug
  10. Carbides allowed
  11. Any type or brand replacement track may be used, ¾ lug max.
  12. Suspensions may be interchanged up to model year 1978.
  13. Stock Drive clutch or Power Block / Comet 94C duster may be used.
  14. Stock Secondary clutch.
  15. Steel skis only.
  16. No adjustable handlebars.
  17. Seat must be stock appearing.
  18. Ski Spreaders allowed, 3 inch max.