Fan Cooled Twin to 300cc
1985 and older fan cooled twins up to 300cc
  1. 1985 and older models may compete
  2. 300cc and under twin cylinder engine displacement may compete.
  3. Studs allowed
  4. Carbides allowed
  5. No jackshaft models
  6. Any type or brand of replacement track may be used, ¾ lug max.
  7. Suspensions may be interchanged up to model year 1985
  8. OEM stock drive clutch or Powerblock / 94c duster
  9. Stock driven clutch.
  10.  Steel skis only.
  11. Stock appearing seat
  12. Float type carburetors allowed, bore must be smaller than port.
  13. Ski spreaders allowed, 3 inch max.