Elan / Spirit 335 Improved Stock
This class is for Elan or Spirit models. Engines may be changed up to 335 cc single. No 292 or 340 singles / no twins.
  1. Up to 335 cc Rotax singles may compete.
  2. No 292 or 340 Rotax singles allowed /  No Twins allowed.
  3. Over boring allowed.
  4. Cylinder porting allowed, no visible external modifications allowed to cylinder, must be original casting.
  5. Head modifications allowed.
  6. Stock drive clutch, tuning components may be changed
  7. Stock driven clutch, tuning components may be changed.
  8. Slide rail or Bogie Elan / Spirit suspensions allowed.
  9. Stock Steel Skis only.
  10. Diaphragm or VM mikuni allowed.
  11. Stock 335 or 250 exhaust systems only. No after market exhaust of any type allowed.
  12. Handlebar mods allowed.
  13. Gearing allowed, due to limited stock gear sizes being available, aftermarket / manufactured gears of any size are allowed.  
  14. Carbides allowed
  15. Studs allowed, 3/8 above track lug max.