Formula IFS
The goal of Formula IFS is to build a class in the spirit of the Formula 56 class popular the 80s. It will allow sleds that had been performance rated by ISR to compete in the same class. This class will allow certain Fan / Free Air and Liquid cooled sleds to compete together while also allowing certain leaf and IFS sleds to compete together. Only listed sleds may compete. Additions to the qualified sled list can be made at the discretion of the Race Director. Below is the list of qualified sleds by manufacturer.
Models that May Compete
Arctic Cat
1978          El Tigre 340                           
1978-81    El Tigre 5000             500cc       
1979          Cross Country 340                
1985-90    Cougar AFS                 500cc               
86-88        Pantera 440 L/C AFS         
John Deere
1979-84     Trailfire  440           436cc          
1976-78     Liquifier 340            339cc       
1976-78     Liquifier 440            436cc       
1979-83     Liquifier 440            436cc