Women's 1985 and Older 340 Fan Cooled
Womans class. 1985 and older sleds may compete. 340cc twin fan cooled engines.
  1. 1985 and older models may compete.
  2. 340cc and under Twin cylinder engine displacement may compete.
  3. Carbides allowed
  4. Studs allowed, not required, 3/8 max above track lug
  5. Any type or brand of replacement track may be used, max ¾ lug height.
  6. Any OEM drive clutch or Comet 94c / 102
  7. Stock driven clutch
  8. Brakes may be upgraded, mounting location must remain the same.
  9. Handlebars may be modified or replaced with any commercially available handlebar. Hooks may be added
  10. Ski spreaders allowed, 3 inch max.
  11. Steel skis only
  12. Engine and chassis must match for OEM application.
  13. Stock appearing seat.
  14. Stock number of carbs per original application / no flatslide carbs allowed
  15. Stock exhaust system.
  16. Stock ignition system.